The European Biosafety Network was established in 2010 following the adoption of the European Directive on Preventing Sharps Injuries in Hospitals and Healthcare Settings (2010/32/EU) with a commitment to improve the safety of patients and healthcare and non-healthcare workers.

The Network is an inclusive organisation made up of  its founder members, UNISON and the Spanish General Nursing Council, national and European professional institutions, representative associations, unions and other interested parties committed to biological and occupational safety in healthcare throughout the European Union.

The Network’s focus has been on promoting and encouraging the early legislative implementation of the Sharps Directive and the clauses in the MDR which prevent sharps injuries by the use of safety mechanisms by working with key EU stakeholders and raising awareness, providing guidance, the dissemination of information and effective reporting and monitoring.

The EBN has been active more recently in the prevention of occupational exposure to hazardous drugs and reprotoxins and the amendment of the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive and on the issues relating to vaccination and rapid testing highlighted by the response to COVID-19.  It will extend its focus to other significant exposure areas as the need arises, particularly regarding the safe handling of toxic and dangerous biologic and chemical substances in healthcare setting, including anesthetic gases.

The Network is supported by the following organisations: