The Hazardous Drugs: Best Practice for Nurses and Healthcare Institutions was held at the Wellcome Collection, London on April 21st 2023, attended by Clinical Governance Directors, Cancer Services Directors, Lead Cancer Nurses, Pharmacists and healthcare policy makers from across the EU and the UK and was supported by exhibiting companies at the forefront of healthcare hazardous drug safety.

Ian Lindsley’s presentation covered the background to the issue of occupational exposure to hazardous medicinal products (HMPs), recent legislative, other requirements, measures to prevent exposure of healthcare workers and the ETUI list of HMPs, co-authored by Ian Lindsley, and the only list utilising the 2022 EU definition of HMPs which is also included in the 2023 EU guidelines. 

In 2017 the 1st Cytotoxic Exposure Management Conference was held at The Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital, London. Over the subsequent years new research studies have been undertaken, and there have been recently published guidance such as the ISOPP Standards for the Safe Handling of Cytotoxics (2022), the ETUI List of Hazardous Medicinal Products (2022) and most recently, the EU Commission’s Guidance for the Safe Handling of Hazardous Medicinal Products published on 28th April 2023.

The expert speakers were:

Chair – Paul Sessink, Exposure Control, Sweden 

Seth Eisenberg, Oncology Nursing Lecturer, USA

Ian Lindsley, Secretary of the European Biosafety Network 

Dr. Karen Campbell, Associate Professor at Edinburgh Napier University

Elisa Mills, National Quality Lead, Cancer Services Nuffield Health Group, UK

Anki Delin Eriksson, Quality & Safety Improvement Lead, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sweden