Agenda – EBN Webinar (Sharps, MDR and safety mechanism in medical devices)

The European Biosafety Network is hosting a webinar on preventing sharps injuries, MDR and safety mechanism in medical devices. The webinar will take place at 10.30 CET on 15 June 2021 via Zoom. The webinar will be conducted in English and there will be no translation facilities. There will be opportunities for Q&As and discussion after each speaker and at the end of the webinar.

The webinar will be chaired by Dr Philip Bickford Smith, Retired Consultant Anaesthetist, former Chair of the Safer Needles Network and Technical Expert on Standards for Medical Devices. It will give participants a chance to hear from and engage with a range of expert speakers covering the prevention of sharps injuries, the impact of COVID-19 on sharps injuries, the application and guidance on the clauses in the MDR which require the design, manufacture and use of medical devices to prevent sharps injuries and the new/updated standard for safety mechanism in medical devices.

A link to the draft agenda for the webinar can be found above.

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