7e colloque européen sur la biosécurité, Résumé

Le 7e colloque européen sur la biosécurité, organisé par le Réseau européen de biosécurité (European Biosafety Network, EBN) en partenariat avec l’Ordre national des infirmiers (ONI), s’est tenu à l’Assemblée nationale à Paris le jeudi 18 janvier 2018. Le colloque… Read more

7th European Biosafety Summit, Summary

The 7th European Biosafety Summit, organised by the European Biosafety Network (EBN) in partnership with the Ordre National des Infirmiers (ONI), took place at the National Assembly in Paris on Thursday 18 January 2018. The Summit focused on the implementation… Read more

Draft agenda for the 7th European Biosafety Summit

(Veuillez trouver une version française du préprogramme ci-dessous) Thursday 18th January 2018 “Salle Colbert” at National Assembly, 126 Rue de l’Université, Paris Moderator: Frédérique Prabonnaud, Health journalist Interpreter: Agnès Debarge   08.30       Registration of participants 09.00       Introduction Patrick Chamboredon,… Read more

Preventing occupational exposure to cytotoxic drugs

Cytotoxic drugs (also referred to as cytostatic or antineoplastic drugs) describe a group of medicines designed to destroy cells that grow in a rapid and uncontrolled manner, preventing their replication or growth. Worldwide, these medicines are increasingly being used in… Read more

EBN Sharps Survey 2016 Results

The European Biosafety Network, in conjunction with EU OSHA, published an online questionnaire in January 2016 addressing key aspects of awareness, training and implementation of safer sharps policy. Occupational health leaders and EU OSHA focal points distributed this questionnaire in… Read more

EBN Sharps Survey

The European Biosafety Network (EBN) has published an online survey, in conjunction with EU OSHA, to be completed by those in the healthcare sector who are active in sharps prevention in all the European member states to assess practice in… Read more

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